Meet the Author

Meet the author of “Chicken bones and cranberries”

Ludmila knows what she is writing about!

An experienced witch,
a superb potion-maker,
story spinner extraordinaire,
an outstanding cook,
and a vivacious gardener.

Ludmila was born and raised in Russia, but spent 19 magical years in Seattle, Washington.

The witch considers herself a Russian Seattleite.

A devoted educator, Ludmila has been enchanting children with her stories since 2001, when she opened her first educational center in Bellevue, WA.

She is a proud parent of two incredible children, who help her rediscover the world every day.

Her hobbies include

  • potion making
  • cross-stitching
  • fortune-telling
  • fairy garden design
  • collecting magic spells from all over the world
  • chess

She can be challenged for an online game at as ludmilastarikova

Ludmila takes a stand against domestic violence and child abuse.

Spread the word: show zero tolerance.

You can email Ludmila at ludmilaystarikova [at]